INEOS Rebels UK: Podium finish at Act 2 Extreme Sailing Series, Lake Garda

  • Third place podium finish at Extreme Sailing Series Act 2, Lake Garda 
  • Team also finish GC32 Worlds fifth tied on 88 points with Alinghi
  • Positive result for the newly formed team with learnings to take forward to Act 3, Barcelona


It was early off the dock for the INEOS Rebels UK crew this morning to start the first race of the final day of racing on Lake Garda. Four races were completed, in testing and changing weather conditions, taking it to 16 races in total across the four days. The event doubled up as both the GC32 World Championships and Act 2 of the Extreme Sailing Series.


Coach Walshy reviews the event:

The final day started with 7-8 knots which allowed for one race before a three hour postponement as the race committee waited for the breeze to build back up. INEOS Rebels UK put in a solid performance in the early afternoon racing, placing a third followed by a second and finish the event with a third place podium spot at the Extreme Sailing Series, just one point behind second placed Oman Air. The team head into Act 3 in Barcelona next month fourth in the overall standings with 19 pts.

The team also finished the GC32 World Championships fifth tied on 88 points with Alinghi, narrowly missing out on a fourth place spot due to a tie-breaker. Riva del Garda provided a fantastic backdrop for the close and tactical racing but also bought challenging weather conditions throughout the event.


Thoughts from the team:

Skipper, Will Alloway on the final day of racing, “We had a very early start to the day to race in the north wind and we put in a really solid race but the breeze quickly dropped off resulting in a long postponement.

“We came back out for the afternoon breeze and our challenge was to catch the top four in the fleet. We had two really good races - finishing third followed by second - which got us right back in the running but the last race of the day didn’t pan out quite how we wanted it to. Unfortunately the south breeze started to die and we didn’t spot the shift correctly and it left us finishing the GC32 World Championships tied on points with Alinghi. So there was a lesson to learn there, letting them get ahead, but on the whole we consider it to be a really positive event.”

Helmsman Leigh McMillan continued, “The standard of racing this week has been really high with the really experienced and well-polished teams and the guys have done a really good job to get us to where we are and to finish with a podium in Act 2 of the Extreme Sailing Series. Just missing out on fourth place at the GC32 Worlds was disappointing but all round it’s been a really good effort, the conditions here have been amazing, we’ve had a bit of everything but when the classic Ora breeze came in it was absolutely fantastic racing.”

Coach Andrew Walsh summarised the event, “Every day there’s been some big learning points which ultimately stopped us getting the top results but we’ve learnt from those each day and we’ve come away knowing we can podium at the Extreme Sailing Series and challenge for the lead. We had a fourth place finish in Oman and we feel that we are on an upward trajectory, we just need to make sure we learn our lessons and take those learnings forward and really start pushing for those seconds and first place finishes.

The Extreme Sailing Series continues with Act 3, Barcelona 14th – 17th June.

INEOS Rebels UK Extreme Sailing Series Act 2 line up: 
Leigh McMillan – Helmsman (INEOS TEAM UK senior sailor)
Will Alloway - Skipper/Trim
Oli Greber – Bow
Mark Spearman – Main Trimmer / Tactician
Adam Kay – Float
Matt Brushwood – Float / Reserve
Andrew Walsh - Coach
Matt Adams / Matt Laverty – Boat Captain

Final standings:  

2018 GC32 World Championship standings after Day 4, 16 races 

Position / Team / Skipper / Points

1st Team Tilt (SUI) Alex Schneiter 60 points.

2nd SAP Extreme Sailing Team (DEN) Rasmus Køstner 68 points.

3rd Oman Air (OMA) Phil Robertson 79 points.

4th Alinghi (SUI) Ernesto Bertarelli 88 points.

5th INEOS Rebels UK (GBR) Will Alloway 88 points.

6th NORAUTO (FRA) Franck Cammas 94 points.

7th Red Bull Sailing Team (AUT) Roman Hagara 111 points.

8th Realteam (SUI) Esteban Garcia 129 points.

9th Argo (USA) Jason Carroll 129 points.

10th Frank Racing (NZL) Simon Hull 135 points.

11th Zoulou (FRA) Erik Maris 135 points.

12th Team México (MEX) Erik Brockmann 172 points.

13th .film Racing (AUS) Simon Delzoppo 179 points.

2018 Extreme Sailing Series™ overall standings

Position / Team / Skipper / Points

1st SAP Extreme Sailing Team (DEN) Rasmus Køstner 23 points.

2nd Alinghi (SUI) Ernesto Bertarelli 21 points.

3rd Oman Air (OMA) Phil Robertson 21 points.

4th INEOS Rebels UK (GBR) Will Alloway 19 points.

5th Red Bull Sailing Team (AUT) Roman Hagara 16 points.

6th Team México (MEX) Erik Brockmann 13 points.


Day 3: Podium still in reach at GC32 World Championships


After three days of racing and 12 races completed INEOS Rebels UK sit sixth overall with 68 points at the GC32 World Championships and Act 2 of the Extreme Sailing Series. 

After yesterday’s glamour conditions the penultimate day on Lake Garda delivered a hazy, humid race course with shifty winds, starting with 15-16 knots breeze, building to 19 before dipping to a testing 10. Despite the best intentions from the committee, the fleet were unable to get a 6th race in. 

Watch Day 3 report: Meet Adam Kay. 

INEOS Rebels started strong with a clean, calm performance paying off to deliver a consistent set of results. However getting caught in a wind hole during race five - the final of the day - left them frustrated. 

Coach, Andrew Walsh, summarised the team’s day, “We had a real mix of conditions out there. The day started with a strong Ora around 18 knots of breeze and really fun, exciting racing. The team learnt their lessons from yesterday and put in some really solid performances. 

“The wind started to drop off towards the end of the day and unfortunately we got caught out in the last two races. The final race was especially painful for us as the race was shortened during racing from two laps to one, leaving us little room to fight back after a very unfavourable wind shift. 

“We actually sailed really well until that last race but that’s racing and we are still very much still in the game to podium. 


Skipper Will Alloway continued, “We had a really solid first half today.  Across all the races the guys did an excellent job of putting us in great boat handling around the course. It all came down to being eyes out and Leigh [McMillan] and Mark [Spearman] did a great job getting us in the right direction. 

“The last few races didn’t go our way, it was shifty and we got caught out in a massive wind hole as the Ora shut out, which left us at the back of the fleet. But we are sixth overall and still looking to push towards a podium on the final day tomorrow.” 

The final day of racing starts Sunday 27th May at 0830 local time with five races planned. Follow the racing with live SAP analytics and blog at The GC32 World Championships also act as a points scoring race for the Extreme Sailing Series Act 2. Overall standings here:


Day 2: Classic Garda conditions as INEOS Rebels UK reach half way at GC32 World Championships

Half way at the GC32 World Championships and Extreme Sailing Series Act 2 sees the INEOS Rebels UK team lie in fifth overall. Today, five solid races were completed in a consistent 15-20 knots, leaving the team with 37 points after seven races.


After initial concerns about damage to the rig - forcing the team to undertake emergency repairs - the INEOS Rebels UK reached the start of race one, to come off the middle of the line and sail a conservative downwind leg. However, having sailed to the favoured right side of the upwind leg and a tight layline caused the team to lose pace and finish 10th

Watch Day 2 report: 

Race two saw the team in a tight lane around the first mark and go into an early gybe to sail to the left-hand side of the downwind leg, which turned out to be unfavoured. Good boat handling in a clear lane saw the team climb to seventh around the windward gate, which was followed by another steady upwind leg and the team climbed up to finish sixth.


The team continued to improve and race three saw the INEOS Rebels come off the pin end of the start line and round the first mark in second. However, a bad gybe close to the leeward gate left them swallowed by the fleet.A good fight back quickly followed  with  the team claiming a fifth placed finish. 

Race four saw a storming start across the whole fleet, rounding mark one six-abreast with boatspeed around 25 knots. INEOS Rebels UK put in a strong performance downwind, rounding the leeward gate in fourth. The right-hand side of the upwind legs were favoured all day but the Rebels were caught out with a tight layline, losing one place to finish fifth.

The final race of the day saw the team claim a solid start from the leeward end, to round the first mark in second. However, for the first time in the day the left-hand side of the downwind paid off, forcing the Rebels to drop down to fourth. Tight racing ensued for the next two laps but the wind favoured the right hand side on both the upwind and downwind legs meaning that passing lanes were hard to come by. The Rebels finished the race strongly in fourth, putting pressure on the top three despite the racecourse not allowing any overtaking opportunities.

INEOS Rebels UK Skipper, Will Alloway, “We really enjoyed racing in the classic, breezy, Garda conditions today. For us, our boat handling wasn’t quite there at the start of the day, which we were disappointed with. But, as we went on we concentrated on ironing out our mstakes, this strategy really paid off as we ended up finishing fourth in the last race, leaving us fifth overall. We all know the mistakes we made and we know what we need to do tomorrow to get the results." 

22 year old Oli Greber, Bow, continued, “We had the best of Garda today, it was glamour racing really. We made a few errors, which we debrief between the races, so we managed to smooth out some of those areas and continue to put in better performances as the day went on."

“We’ve been training pretty hard back in the UK and that’s all geared towards the sailing and racing we are doing here . We’re half way through the regatta now and are really looking forward to day three on the water tomorrow and hopefully five more solid races.”   

Day three of racing starts Saturday 26th May at 14:30 local time with five further races planned. Follow the racing with live SAP analytics and blog at



Day 1: INEOS Rebels UK first overall at GC32 World Championships 

Despite best intentions from the race committee to get the boats flying, the ‘classic’ and ‘reliable’ Garda wind never materialised, causing a postponement to the start of racing and leaving the fleets to complete only two of the five planned races - before the wind died off and racing was abandoned for the day. INEOS Rebels UK placed a sixth and a first, which sees the British team lead the fleet with seven points over-all, one point ahead of second placed Red Bull Sailing Team.

Watch Day 1 report with Skipper Will Alloway:

Race one finally got underway in a shifty 6-8 knot southerly breeze and saw the INEOS Rebels UK start well, in the middle of the line. A clear lane enabled them to sail all the way to the left-hand side of the course and onto the port lay line, continuing on to round the windward mark in second place.

However, a tack around the mark and a split away to the right-hand of the course saw the team round the downwind gate in fifth place and head to the right hand side of the next upwind leg. When the two sides of the beat converged, INEOS Rebels UK slipped down to eighth place. A strong tactical call and gybe into the finish saw the team leapfrog Argo and Frank Racing to finish well in sixth place.

After a short debrief, race two saw the team start at the committee boat end of the line, holding their lane all the way to the port lay line. Clean boat handling and crew work saw them lead the fleet for the whole race, extending their lead all the way to the finish to claim their first win of the regatta.



Helmsman Leigh McMillan on race day one, “We were expecting the classic breeze to come in and it really didn’t establish so it turned out to be a really light wind day. But, we still managed to get two races in and it was code zeros upwind and downwind, a bit of foiling though and still fairly nice conditions. It was tricky and quite a few holes on the course but we feel like we had a really solid day.

In the first race we were in second round the top mark and it would have been nice to hold on to that and end the day with a 1st and 2nd but there were lots of opportunities to lose it and actually to take a sixth place ended up being a good result that we were really pleased with.”

Skipper and Trimmer Will Alloway continued, The first race didn’t go too well for us, we had a good first beat but then picked the wrong shift downwind and sailed into a massive wind hole at the bottom which put us towards the back of the fleet. 

In the second race, Leigh (McMillan) and Mark (Spearman) did a great job at picking the right shift off the line which got us into the pressure and once we were ahead it was really easy to stay ahead as we sailed a little bit defensively.”

Day two of racing starts Friday 25th May at 1230 with five races planned. Follow the racing with live SAP analytics and blog at