KXLife joins the British America’s Cup challenge

KXLife will provide world class nutritional medicine blood profiles of each INEOS TEAM UK sailor


INEOS TEAM UK, the British challenger for the 36th America’s Cup led by Sir Ben Ainslie, have partnered with health and wellbeing specialist KXLife to provide elite functional health support for the sailing team athletes.

KX Chairman Peter Dubens; “KX is incredibly proud to support Ineos Team UK, the British Challenger to the 36th America’s Cup . KX has developed over many years its elite functional health team led by Gideon Remfry which supported Ben Ainslie and his team during the last Cup”

Founded in 2002, KXLife has established a reputation synonymous with being at the forefront of excellence in health, fitness, nutrition and wellbeing. This is a continuation of the support of the British America’s Cup team having partnered with Ben Ainslie’s team in Bermuda last year. KX’s support and resource was a significant factor in the team achieving an impressive athlete availability of 96% over a 910 day campaign.

The modern America’s Cup athletes needs both excellent sustained power output – like an endurance athlete – but also the ability to produce significant force at certain key moments – like a sprinter. The America’s Cup rule also restricts the eleven-race crew to an average body weight of 90kg, meaning each sailor must follow a structured nutrition intervention based around their individual needs and bio-analysis.

Head of Human Performance, Ben Williams; “KX have a proven success record from the last Cup - it’s a big boost to have their support again. The sailors will be spending 12-15 hours a week in the gym, on top of that they will also spend up to 20 hours a week on the water. Physically it will be huge demand on the body and it’s crucial that we have the highest athlete availability possible to enable continued physical development”.


KXLife will provide world class nutritional medicine blood profiles of each INEOS TEAM UK sailor with individual monitoring of their dietary and physical requirements. These profiles are designed by KX’s industry leading nutritional medicine team, who analyses the athlete blood reports to create high performance intake programs that will maximise athlete health, performance and availability.

Nutrition medicine consultant Aidan Goggins, "Health and performance are synonymous. With an integrated, food-based, nutritional medicine approach we target metabolic, immune and cellular function to optimise wellbeing.


 This eclipses conventional sports nutrition, ensuring progressive and sustained improvements in both performance and recovery. It’s why at an average age of mid to late 30s, when normally athletes retire, Ineos Team UK will be competing in the America’s Cup in peak condition."

For more information about KX visit https://www.kxlife.co.uk