An uncompromising 4x4 built for the world

BRITANNIA, INEOS TEAM UK’s race boat for the 36th America’s Cup, is ‘built on purpose’. Every single one of the 17,300 parts that make up the incredible foiling monohull is there for a reason. Nothing has been added that is not essential to helping the boat fly above the water at speeds of over 50 knots. It is that same design and build philosophy that is behind the Grenadier, the new 4x4 from INEOS Automotive.

The INEOS Grenadier is an uncompromising, rugged, no-nonsense utilitarian 4x4, designed and built to conquer the toughest terrain. It is a function-first, no-frills machine, like BRITANNIA, but also designed to help sailors and anyone working on or around the water tackle the task at hand.

The BRITANNIA Grenadier outside INEOS TEAM UK's base in Portsmouth, UK
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Over the coming months, INEOS TEAM UK and INEOS Automotive will be bringing you articles outlining the features and details of the vehicle’s capabilities, including:

Access and interior – having the right tools for the job is crucial for anyone working outdoors. The Grenadier is packed with design features that meet the needs of even the most adventurous. Out of the box, the vehicle comes with a washable interior, chunky buttons, a handy touchscreen and seats designed with the user in mind so whether you’re driving to the sailing club or carrying out maintenance at the docks, the Grenadier has you covered.

Storage – everything has a place and there’s a place for everything. In the eye of a storm, you need to know where things are and that they’re safe. The Grenadier has just the right amount of compartments across the cabin, passenger area and rear for those important items, plus a split rear door for easy loading. But, of course, it’s not just the interior that matters; the Grenadier has exterior space for those weekend essentials like kayaks, surf or SUP boards, plus a sturdy ladder for safe access and offloading.

Towing and loading – the Grenadier’s potential doesn’t stop with the inside and atop spaces. Transporting your precious cargo from A to B is key to getting the job done. With the ability to tow 3,500kgs of supplies or your precious boat, the Grenadier’s advanced Bosch ABS and ESP systems ensure that driver, passengers and cargo safety is paramount. Add in the Grenadier’s ride height, wading depth, trailer stability and sway control and you have the perfect vehicle for the most ardent, mobile sailors.

Accessories – any Grenadier delivered to its new owner will be able to tackle the toughest of challenges but there’s often a need for specialist tools. The team at INEOS Automotive is working with trusted industry suppliers to ensure that no matter how niche your task, you’re never left high and dry.

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The BRITANNIA Grenadier inside INEOS TEAM UK's boat shed in Portsmouth, UK
©Lloyd Images