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Mercedes F1’s Applied Science division has been working with INEOS TEAM UK in preparation for the 36th America’s Cup.

Since August 2019, team members from Applied Science have been dedicated to projects with INEOS Team UK, helping to deliver and accelerate performance for what’s often referred to as ‘Formula One on water’.

Up to 30 engineers from Applied Science have worked on the INEOS TEAM UK project, working across simulation, manufacturing and control systems to bring F1 know-how and capability to the sea.

© Sam Penhaul
Britannia was launched last week after support from Mercedes F1 in the design and build process.

“I remember the first time we went up to Brackley, I think two things really stuck out,” said Sir Ben Ainslie, Team Principal and Skipper for INEOS TEAM UK, on the collaboration with Mercedes F1.

“Firstly, their ethos really, how they approach the technical challenge and how collaborative they were.

“And then secondly, just awestruck by the resources at hand. For our team, clearly, we can benefit massively from that.”

Graham Miller, Director of Applied Science at Mercedes F1, added: “What we have been able to bring to the party is horsepower.

“INEOS is a very capable team and one of the strengths of the Mercedes F1 team is it has got a lot of capability, built up over a number of years.

“We’ve really been able to blend with INEOS and help turn their ambition into reality.”

Graham Miller, Director of Applied Science at Mercedes F1

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