Rebel's Will Alloway talks recovery

Working with Bio-Synergy to reach peak performance

“Competitive sailing is not like many other sports. The training needed to compete at the top level requires a unique blend of strength, stamina and a defiant resilience to lung-busting, muscle-burning fatigue. And when chasing sailing’s oldest and most prestigious trophy, you'll need even more of the above.” Ross Edgley, Author of The Sunday Times bestseller ‘The World’s Fittest Book'.

INEOS TEAM UK are working with, Bio-Synergy to deliver the nutritional boost the team needs to hit their peak performance during one of the toughest events in international sport, whilst providing high quality products to both refuel and aid recovery once the challenging work is done. Bio-Synergy will also work with the team to ensure that their nutritional programme ensures that they are operating at their highest level of fitness whether they are on land or at sea.

We asked INEOS Rebels Skipper, Will Alloway, to tell us how Bio Synergy fuels Britain’s challenge for the 36th America’s Cup:

Can you breakdown of what you eat when recovering the day after competition? For example the day after Act 4 of the Extreme Sailing Series in Cascais?

Our recovery protocol doesn’t start the day after competition, it starts 10 minutes after the last race of a regatta. We use Bio-Synergy essential sports fuel after each day of racing to help replenish glycogen stores and promote tissue maintenance after a gruelling day. For dinner our nutrition intake will be planned around our output data from our HR monitors that we wear during training and racing. This ensures that we take on enough to recover effectively and not be in deficit. We eat a lot of lean meats, seasonal veg and complex carbohydrates. Nothing fancy, no secret recipes, just good healthy real food in appropriate portions and macros to fuel performance and recovery.

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Then before bed I will take on another shake of Whey Better. Bio Synergy has a big range of flavours which helps avoid monotony. Rocky Road is my favourite for sure.

Each day I take Super 7 Armour, combined with Omega 369. This helps me to build a strong immune system and recover quicker. Reducing the risk of illness is a big focus for us and taking these together helps mitigate that.

What does your recovery schedule look like the day after competition? i.e ice baths, compression gear etc

Often we are travelling straight back to the UK and the plane trips can finish you off so it’s really important we put the right things into our body to help us get back to 100% as quickly as possible.


At the Extreme Sailing Series Cascais it was really hot so to try and cool the body down as quickly as possible, we would jump into the Atlantic for 10 mins. During the Senior and Youth America’s in Bermuda we had infrastructure so ice baths and other protocols set by the performance staff came into play. 

For the flight we may use compression clothing if its long haul and we will carry our own bottles and hydration mixes so we’re actively working on recovery as best possible in the air.

Once we land back in the UK we are into two days of recovery and reload. Depending on how we feel we have a few recovery sessions that range from mobility and recovery CV to muscle stimulators and soft tissue therapy if we are at our Team HQ in Portsmouth.

Which Bio-synergy product do you use to aid recovery and why?

My favourite is the Bio-Synergy Essential Sports Fuel, it tastes good and has a good blend of protein and carbs. Before bed I will take on whey Better. Depending on our training and competition load the conditioning and nutrition coaches may change up our performance intakes to include BCAA’s, additional glutamine, power-beet etc.

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Some of the guys have slightly different set ups though. It’s not a blanket protocol. I am always maintaining or reducing so my supplements may be a bit leaner. Other members of the crew are always striving to increase lean size so they will be taking on Super Gain or Super Max for example.